Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch!

   Today we went on a two hour drive (think Gilligan's Island) to Makoti ND to get a 1963 Ford Stationwagon. Great little fins, teeeny tiny round tail lights.
   I just HAD to HAVE this car! My heart was set on it. I wanted it for little delivery wagon. I budgeted my money. Did some all excited...and the big day comes. We're off on our journey...
  When we got there, this car was nothing like what I expected. Oh, it was cute. And it had little fins and round tail lights.. It also had a ton of RUST! As it turns out it had been sitting in WATER up to it's moter for almost 10 years! Literally.
                  So we didn't get it. And I sulked all the way home.
   The point here is that I had already made plans around a thing I didn't even have. Didn't even know for sure if I would have it.
   I suppose Life is a bit like that too. We often pin all of our hopes and dreams on something we haven't even achieved yet.

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