Thursday, April 26, 2012

And a story about Leggs, brings us to Eggs!

     They come in all sizes and colors.
                 Some are Brown
                 Some are Blue
                 Most eggs are good for you!

    Here at Buffalo Gals Bakery, we know a thing or two about eggs! We get ours from a nearby farmer that raises only real free range chickens. They feed on the grasses that grown naturally and are not given any hormones.
  *Did you know that truly fresh eggs are nearly impossible to peel? Their low Albumen PH level causes the albumen to adhere to the inner shell.
     If you let your farm fresh eggs 'age' for about a week and then boil them, the shells will come right off.
  * Most supermarket eggs are already 3-5 weeks old before they are even on the shelf. The expiration date on the carton is a 30 day expiration  from the time they were packaged!!!
  * Farm Fresh eggs have on average seven times more Beta Carotene, twice as many Omega 3's, 1/3 less cholesterol, 1/4  less saturated fat and three  times the vitamin E than 'store' bought eggs.
                  And they taste better!
    According to an old joke "the best way to keep an egg fresh, is to keep it in the chicken!"

Mike the Headless Chicken
is an entirely different story!
   * You CAN keep fresh eggs for long periods of time. Stored UNWASHED in cool pace- whether it's the basement, fruit cellar, refrigerator- fresh eggs will keep for for a couple months and still be perfectly fresh.
   Why??? Because they are unwashed! Hen Fruit, right from the chicken, is coated with a natural sealant called "Bloom". While washed eggs are definitely prettier, leaving them unwashed protects them against bacteria and aging.                                                 

        Uncle Sam & our local Health Department sez No Way!

     As a consumer YOU SHOULD KNOW  that chemicals are used to wash the eggs from factory chickens before they go to the grocery. Some of these chemicals are : Chlorine, Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium or Sodium Hydroxide (that means LYE) . Since egg shells are porous, a portion of the chemicals will be absorbed into the egg. That's the part to be concerned about.
         I'm not saying you Shouldn't  eat 'store' eggs, I just wanted to point out some facts.

  Julia Childs once said "The egg can be your best friend, if you just give it the right break."

 Manga! Manga!

Never tow a car with duct tape and pantyhose

....A lesson I have learned!

    Living the life of a veritable nomad for many years has led to countless adventures. ( I now live permanently in North Dakota!)
Must be Silky, Sheertoe & Control Top!
   One such adventure happened waaaay back when women still wore NYLONS. Because it was the IN thing to do- that's why. Some friends and I had gone out to the country for giggles. Somehow one car just quit working. After mulling it over (... a drink or two) and batting around some ideas- we had an 'Ah Ha' moment.
  Since we were positive it had been proven somehow, somewhere that pantyhose have the textile strength of a tow rope, we ladies were persuaded to fork over the pantyhose we had on. The men then used duct tape to attach the pantyhose to the car.  Much wrapping and taping and yelling went on...
    And they're off! One to steer the broken car, the rest to ride in the other car and 'help' the driver.
We got going alright. And then  a funky noise.. and poof! The other car is waaaaaay back there. Apparently pantyhose are NOT that strong after all!
                                            Ahhhh-My trusty Leggs let me down!

      Stay tuned for more adventures!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Doing good feels good!

Marine Jean Quilt
                 An Evening of Art & Fashion for a great cause.

     High fashion, Generous donations and a fabulous group of ladies from the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University made a difference in the lives of Military families.
    With a motto of " Breaking thorough barriers for women and girls" The OSU chapter of AAUW  put together this fundraiser to provide computers for Deployed Military Women to continue their educations online. And also funds for Single mothers to finish theirs.
                                           An Evening of Arts and Fashion
Ali B's Original Designs
   Among the donations was a Marine Jean Quilt, made by me. I got the jeans from the quilt from my son Cpl. Dillon Tapparo. He originally was acquiring jeans from his buddies on post so I would make him a new blanket. Luckily he gave me enough for two. Jeretta Nord Horn (director of the OSU chapter AAUW) decided that my quilt would do much better in the live auction-(Which also featured items from world renown designer Stella Thomas). There was fierce bidding for it .
      The Marine Jean Quit eventually was sold for 800 dollars. It was able to purchase THREE computers!
   Among the other donors was the incredibly talented Alanna Beoppre of Ali B's Originals in Bottineau, ND. She makes outstanding custom jewelry.
  Jo Khalifa of MoJo Roast in Westhope,ND "Your Personal Coffee Roaster" also generously gave of both her time and talents. As a friend of Jeretta Nord Horn, Jo was asked to be of assistance. Jo put out the word to North Dakota companies to provide donation items for a silent auction.
Original Stella Thomas Designs
                          The evening was a great success!
And what's more, these women that are benefiting from this event are leading the way with their Can Do Attitude. They are proving that anything is possible.
                                                   May God keep them safe.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can Do!!

It's an attitude!
   A way of life for some....

   There really is nothing you can't do if you're determined. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes you may get thwarted. Or run into a brick all. But that's all it is. A wall. An object to go around.
  From the time I was a tot, I hated being thwarted in what ever it was I wanted to do. I was often called Margaret by my parents because my Grammy Margaret didn't know the meaning of the word 'NO'.
                                    NO is just a word.
  I have a little business selling Biscotti and Cookies and such. ( ) I also have a few accounts. I want to grow my business. However- money and a new commercial kitchen are my current issues thwarting me.
   I still work a day job. So, instead of going all out and spending money I don't have yet, I decided to  plug away at getting the word out. I am learning how to use Social Media effectively,  write about my Biscotti,  send out a few samples a week,(postage costs money)  and  I rely on friends to help spread the word of Buffalo Gals. In the meantime, I am putting away a little money at a time for a commercial kitchen here at the farm verses driving to a rented one.
   I butt heads with hubby over this one. (But I'll wear him down!) I have been doing my research. Have looked at countless buildings, talked to contractors about remodeling an existing farm building. We have debated the wisdom and practically and ultimate cost of each.
   Now, I am about ready to part with my hard earned money. After all, 'the only way to make money is to spend money'.
                                   Such a true statement!
   I have found my way around the wall. It's taking a little longer than what I would like. But I am moving forwards towards my goals. Each step brings me closer.

      So go for it!