Saturday, September 1, 2012


          Dick Zavodney~ Marv & The Moonlighters.....

Our friend- Dick Zavodney
Last week hubby surprised me by taking me dancing!
We went to the AmVets for the Polka Festival! It's been SIX (yes...six) years since we've been dancing!. When we moved back up here to that farm he said "Oh, we'll go dancing...". He should have put a SOMEDAY in that sentence.

Me & Papa and James
    Much to my surprise, we were NOT the youngest ones there. There was actually quite a number of couple in our age bracket.
   Years, and years ago... Ok- SIX years ago... we used to go to the Vets in Windsor,Colorado on Sunday afternoons for the dancing. I must admit, I was on the fence the first time he said "Let's go!"
     I used to wait on "Polka Paul" and he was forever extending the invitation to check it out. So we did.
   POLKA is as natural as breathing to my husband, as he is from the North Country and a Ukranian to boot.. Not so much for me. But it didn't take long.
          We even started taking the Boyz. All three of them.
an Older James
It's no secret that you can't teach your kids anything. (That's why animals in the wild eat their young). We turned them loose on the older ladies instead. These ladies had the Boyz whipped into shape in no time!  At the time they hated being drug there. Now two have admited that they gained valuable social skills there. Diplomacy, the art of small talk, and how to dance. Skills that will last them a lifetime!

    A funny story: about this time, two of the boys started lifting weights. Each week the ladies would  squeeze thier muscles as they danced. One week, a particular lady went whole hog and grabbed one of the kids butt. You'd have thought the world ended, the way he bellowed "Daaaaaaaaaaaaad" from the middle of the floor! He left his partner standing there and hightailed it back to us. muttering about sexual harrassment... we sent him right back. Telling him to 'suck it up... it's not harrassment at her age!
     We danced there for a long time and many lasting friendships.
Well- at least he kept his promise, and took me dancing!