Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tips for leftover mashed potatos

      Mashed potatos are great. Especially droolng in gravy!- But...Did you know that using mashed (warm) potatos when making bread makes it rise better and and keeps it softer? Just put a healthy spoonful in with your yeast water and Viola! ultra poofy in no time flat!
     Why? Because the yeast feeds on the carbs in potatos and they provide moisture making for a better 'crumb'
    You can also make some easy potato pancakes.
                           Mama's Potato Pancakes
              you will need:
                  2 cups mashed potatos
                  1 egg
                  seasoning to taste/ or about 1/2 +/- C seasoned  breadcrumbs
                 1 TBS oil (I like olive)

                In skillet heat oil. In a small bowl mix potatos, egg & seasoning together. drop by heaping spoonfulls into skillet. Press flat with spatula. Cook until lightly browned on both sides.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome to Buffalo Gals News

   Welcome to Buffalo Gals-
       I am Katy and I will be your 'Host' for these posts... We will have News, Recipes, Events, Gardening tips, Stories, Updates on our Bakery & Country Store and more.
    A little about us- We (my hubby & I) live on a farn in Central North Dakota. We have both cattle and crops. And I write the Restuarant/Food reviews and sometimes local History pieces for the Pairie Independant.
     Considered a 'Poor Man's Martha' (Stuart) by my friends, I have a nack for being able to bake, cook, grow, sew and make about anything I turn my hand to.  I learned to sew from my Grammy, garden from my Grandpa, Make cool stuff from my Mother and Mom-in-law. Cooking and Baking were self taught. I have a couple friends that could tell some very funny stories on my (bad) cooking skills when I was younger!
  I hope you find somthing that strikes your fancy within these pages!