Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Can Do!!

It's an attitude!
   A way of life for some....

   There really is nothing you can't do if you're determined. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes you may get thwarted. Or run into a brick all. But that's all it is. A wall. An object to go around.
  From the time I was a tot, I hated being thwarted in what ever it was I wanted to do. I was often called Margaret by my parents because my Grammy Margaret didn't know the meaning of the word 'NO'.
                                    NO is just a word.
  I have a little business selling Biscotti and Cookies and such. ( ) I also have a few accounts. I want to grow my business. However- money and a new commercial kitchen are my current issues thwarting me.
   I still work a day job. So, instead of going all out and spending money I don't have yet, I decided to  plug away at getting the word out. I am learning how to use Social Media effectively,  write about my Biscotti,  send out a few samples a week,(postage costs money)  and  I rely on friends to help spread the word of Buffalo Gals. In the meantime, I am putting away a little money at a time for a commercial kitchen here at the farm verses driving to a rented one.
   I butt heads with hubby over this one. (But I'll wear him down!) I have been doing my research. Have looked at countless buildings, talked to contractors about remodeling an existing farm building. We have debated the wisdom and practically and ultimate cost of each.
   Now, I am about ready to part with my hard earned money. After all, 'the only way to make money is to spend money'.
                                   Such a true statement!
   I have found my way around the wall. It's taking a little longer than what I would like. But I am moving forwards towards my goals. Each step brings me closer.

      So go for it!



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