Saturday, March 31, 2012

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch!

   Today we went on a two hour drive (think Gilligan's Island) to Makoti ND to get a 1963 Ford Stationwagon. Great little fins, teeeny tiny round tail lights.
   I just HAD to HAVE this car! My heart was set on it. I wanted it for little delivery wagon. I budgeted my money. Did some all excited...and the big day comes. We're off on our journey...
  When we got there, this car was nothing like what I expected. Oh, it was cute. And it had little fins and round tail lights.. It also had a ton of RUST! As it turns out it had been sitting in WATER up to it's moter for almost 10 years! Literally.
                  So we didn't get it. And I sulked all the way home.
   The point here is that I had already made plans around a thing I didn't even have. Didn't even know for sure if I would have it.
   I suppose Life is a bit like that too. We often pin all of our hopes and dreams on something we haven't even achieved yet.

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Reality Check

   Reality sucks sometimes!
 Many a small business owner still works their 'regular' job while launching their enterprise. I am no exception.
    I work part-time at a truck stop as a waitess. I have always been in hospitality in some form. It is a job I enjoy. Until the other day, that is!
  A woman I used to have as a regular customer in our own restaruant - Before we converted it to a wholesale bakery- saw me in town. AS SOON as she figured out I was here to be her server she translated it to SERVANT. Holy cow...did she put on a show about being 'better'.  It was interesting the night and day change that went from her treating me as an equal and peer to a pee-on.
  The funny thing is, it made her look very small. Even though I was hurt at the time, I felt (almost) sorry for her.
Mewrely a matter of perception!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Julie and Julia

Julia is my HERO!

       I was reminded of this a couple days ago while doing a show.
The gal in the Spinners Yarn booth next me was a complete body double of Julie in the movie Julie & Julia!
  She was wearing a yellow shirt dress reminesient of the 50's, red beads and sensible pumps. With a very perky additude too! I would almost swear she read my handy dandy Bride's Book. (1934)
    But I digress...
   I grew up watching THE Julia Childs on TV in the 1970's With my Grammy, who I am sure NEVER even tried to make one of those dishes!
  My absolutely favorite episode was the one where she threw the cassoluet over shoulder and said "oh wellllllll...There's another on in the oven!" in that voice of hers.
   I would never presume to say that I learned to cook from her, but she was certainly always lurking over my shoulder!
   What draws me to Julia the most is her Can-Do 'tude. Julia simply wouldn't just roll over when thwarted. There was no Back-Up in that woman.  And bless her man for always standy beside (and sometimes behind)her!
Do I have a JC cookbook? You bet!