Monday, October 22, 2012

The business of Small Business

           Ever walk in to a store just to be put on ignore by the employee(s)?  Not even so much as a smile, or a simple "Hello"? And if you need help or a special order...sometimes it's almost impossible. Sure makes you want to spend your hard earned dollars, doesn't it?
    Now walk into a small business. Say, your downtown Coffee Shop... You need help selecting the best whole beans for your tastes to take home. NO PROBLEM! Odds are good that the friendly employee there is more than happy to help you..  Do you really think you would that kind of service in a Big Box store consistently?

    Small businesses take the time to get to know you. Find out your wants and needs. And if they can't help you, they are usually happy to point you to someone who can. Many of our small businesses have built relationships with each other, which in turn allows us to give YOU a better experience!

Jo Khalifa & Linda Johnson
   Linda at Home Sweet Home is a terrific example of this! Home Sweet Home sells all manner of items- from Buffalo Gals Biscotti to hand painted china to incredible Gift Baskets. HSW has built long term relationships with many of their customers by getting to know them. It makes all the difference between a good experience and a GREAT one.  At Home Sweet Home the employees (as well as the owner) are always happy to help you, cheerful, knowledgeable and genuinely care.
   In my own business, I find I can be more helpful to my own customers. It's a personal experience. I can customize anything I make to suit your specific want frosted sugar cookies in your wedding colors... not a problem. You need a Bohemian Brew Bag dyed your favorite color? Just ask!
    Often it is easier for a small business to give you more specialized service. We are 'right here, right now' to answer your questions and deliver your product.
                 We entrepreneur's are a prideful lot. We pride our self on our relationships with our customers. You are all unique and special.  We take pride in a job well done. We have pride in knowing we helped you find exactly what you were looking for. We take pride in giving back within our communities.We take pride in knowing our employees are as passionate as we are about our products.
                                    We are in business because of YOU!.
      We do what we do, because we have passion. Because we believe in our products. Because we enjoy seeing YOU, our customers.
   When you support a small business, you don't just support the owner. You support a whole community. Our monies trickle back out into the community...Our employee will get a burger on her way home...her waiter will stop and get gas for his car, the station owner will go to the grocery store that employs the bag boy who will stop by my business for a Mother's Day gift....and so the circle goes. Our monies are more likely to stay right here, keeping our communities strong and vibrant.
                 Small businesses are everywhere! In the city, in the country, on-line...
   So, Take a little 'Me Time' and check out some local small businesses. You'll be pleasantly surprised!