Monday, March 26, 2012

A Reality Check

   Reality sucks sometimes!
 Many a small business owner still works their 'regular' job while launching their enterprise. I am no exception.
    I work part-time at a truck stop as a waitess. I have always been in hospitality in some form. It is a job I enjoy. Until the other day, that is!
  A woman I used to have as a regular customer in our own restaruant - Before we converted it to a wholesale bakery- saw me in town. AS SOON as she figured out I was here to be her server she translated it to SERVANT. Holy cow...did she put on a show about being 'better'.  It was interesting the night and day change that went from her treating me as an equal and peer to a pee-on.
  The funny thing is, it made her look very small. Even though I was hurt at the time, I felt (almost) sorry for her.
Mewrely a matter of perception!

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