Thursday, March 22, 2012

Julie and Julia

Julia is my HERO!

       I was reminded of this a couple days ago while doing a show.
The gal in the Spinners Yarn booth next me was a complete body double of Julie in the movie Julie & Julia!
  She was wearing a yellow shirt dress reminesient of the 50's, red beads and sensible pumps. With a very perky additude too! I would almost swear she read my handy dandy Bride's Book. (1934)
    But I digress...
   I grew up watching THE Julia Childs on TV in the 1970's With my Grammy, who I am sure NEVER even tried to make one of those dishes!
  My absolutely favorite episode was the one where she threw the cassoluet over shoulder and said "oh wellllllll...There's another on in the oven!" in that voice of hers.
   I would never presume to say that I learned to cook from her, but she was certainly always lurking over my shoulder!
   What draws me to Julia the most is her Can-Do 'tude. Julia simply wouldn't just roll over when thwarted. There was no Back-Up in that woman.  And bless her man for always standy beside (and sometimes behind)her!
Do I have a JC cookbook? You bet!

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