Monday, August 6, 2012

Bulls and Bananas!!!

Our boy, James
                             Holy Bulls, Batman!

    Bull riders are a special breed. It takes some nerve to get on the back of a bucking, twisting, pissed off animal that weighs as much as your car!
   Bull riding has been around as long as man has been chasing cattle! I am sure as a way to blow off steam, show off and hone skills. The PBR (Professional Bull Riders Association) was founded in 1992 and hosts over 300 events each year. The whopper of them all is the PBR Finals in Las Vegas. The top 30 cowboys compete for the World Title. The energy and excitement is astounding!
                   The object is to get on, and hang on!
                             8 seconds doesn't sound like a long time. But it is.
     In a nut-shell~The bulls get judged on 50% of the score, and the rider gets judged on 50% of the score.
    I've been to the Finals many times. We volunteer down there most years and sometimes in Bismarck for the Rider Relief Foundation...
        We have seen some tremendous accidents. These guys get launched into the air, stomped on, walked on, Rolled on and more.
Me and Hubby
     Which brings us to Banana's.  "Bucking-Bull-Nana's" to be exact. These riders get some incredible injuries. And let's face it, they aren't the most insurable guys! Don't get me wrong- these great athletes are  insured... But it doesn't leave any money left for anything else. Like bills. Or getting a spouse to your side in a hospital. Rider Relief Foundation helps these guys at all levels of competition (both Bull riders and Bull Fighters). Without it, many of these guys would lose everything they have. RRF is a 501c3-non-profit company. ( )
     Buffalo Gals Bakery & Country Store makes "Bucking-Bull-Nana" cookies. We give proceeds from these fabulous Oatmeal-Banana cookies to the RRF.  It's our way of saying THANKS. Thanks for the good times. Thanks for the excitement. Just Thanks.
   Do I have a Fave? Not so much this year, yet...But Ryan Dirteater gets me with his youthful exuberance!
  Look for an interview I just had with the RRF! I will be out soon!
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See ya there!


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