Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just BEET It!!

It's that time...To just BEET it...
We like Detroit Reds
          I am the first to admit I hated beets as a child. With a purple passion...My dad loved the hateful things. My husband likes Pickled Beets.
    Even after meeting him, I still did not like beets. ( musta been a Ukrainian thing) Finally I broke down and let him force feed me a 'no thank you' bite. And you know something...They were GOOD.
  So now, they are a garden staple every year.
         I grow.
         I Hoe.
         I pluck.
         I can.
         And Can.
         And can some more.
Hubby will eat a few quarts a week...

    Things I have learned~ They stain. And to always make sure I didn't dribble any on the floor to step in. It really was a sad day when I had little red foot prints on the carpet!
   I also know that Kroger Pickling Spice is hands down the BEST pickling spice ever. Not just for beets. But for all your pickling needs. ( just click on cantact and call customer service for help locating the store nearest you)  It has a taste that makes you want to keep on eating. And not nearly as much cloves as McCormicks.
  Unfortunately, it's not a brand that is just carried in ND. (though I did find out I can order it by the case from the local grocery) I have mine sent up from friends in Colo.
   Here is my Hubby's mom's recipe. It is simple, but good!
                                              Best Pickled Beets Ever!
                                Pick, clean and cut tops off of beets.
                                Boil until tender. Put in ice water to cool quickly so skins come off easily.
                                Cut into small pieces.
                                In a large pot mix:
                                              2 Cups Sugar
                                              2 Cups Vinigar
                                              2 Cups Water
                                              Egg size bag of pickling spice
                               Add beats. Simmer until tender or desired tatste
The little soldiers
                               Pack and seal.
                               Water bath can for 30 minutes

Perfect addition to the table! Happy eating!


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