Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Tammy Faye moment

NOT my eyes!

     Once upon a time in a far off land, I was baking pies in the cafe we owned...Back them Miss Maybelline and I were best friends...being the essentially lazy wench that I am, instead of pulling out the oven tray to inspect the pies, I leaned into the oven instead for a closer look....
Thankfully there was a customer with a sense of humor and HE came back there and pried my eyes open.....While laughing his butt off......

    I saw this picture online....And my Mutha reminded me of an incident....A little history first...for those who don't me...I was a Late Bloomer, One-of-the-Guys, Never wore a dress kinda girl.... So.. I was asked to a DANCE by a boy I had known all my life. Very giddy was I! I got a dress and a pair of Candies high heels. Feathered my hair, put on stockings.....

Me 1982
   The BOY came to get me. He came up to the door, jerked a finger towards his car and went back down the walk. I decided if I was going to look like a lady, I should ACT like a lady. So I waited for him to open the car door. BOY went around to the drivers side. I assumed he was going to open the door from the inside.
        He sat in the car. I stood outside the car...Apparently I waited too long.  HE DROVE AWAY!
When he finally came back he asked
          "WHY the heck didn't I get in the car????"
          "Because I thought you'd open the door"
           "I never had to before!"
                                         LESSON LEARNED!

                                                HE's a DayGlo....Not a Dego!!

   We had given our boy some Glo Stix. He asked if he could take them to bed with him. I said YES! Middle of the night in the country s pitch black...He comes screaming down the hall...all we could see is Glow-In-The-Dark mouth and hands!
   He said the more he stared at it, the more it looked like candy.............
                                                         Moonlight and Romance

Randy (#1)   1988
         I was doing the dishes one night (by hand) and my hubby comes up and puts his arms around me and says "It's way to nice to be inside doing the dishes. It's a beautiful night for a walk...The stars are shining. the breeze is gentle.Wouldn't you like to go for a walk?" Me, being all giddy... said YES! he goes "GREAT! here's two bucks. Walk over to Sev (7-11) and grab me a pack of smokes"
       And he was ALLOWED to live....But he's NOT my hubby anymore...:))

   Well- That's it for this installment of my life!
If you have any mis-adventures...I'd like to hear them!