Thursday, April 26, 2012

Never tow a car with duct tape and pantyhose

....A lesson I have learned!

    Living the life of a veritable nomad for many years has led to countless adventures. ( I now live permanently in North Dakota!)
Must be Silky, Sheertoe & Control Top!
   One such adventure happened waaaay back when women still wore NYLONS. Because it was the IN thing to do- that's why. Some friends and I had gone out to the country for giggles. Somehow one car just quit working. After mulling it over (... a drink or two) and batting around some ideas- we had an 'Ah Ha' moment.
  Since we were positive it had been proven somehow, somewhere that pantyhose have the textile strength of a tow rope, we ladies were persuaded to fork over the pantyhose we had on. The men then used duct tape to attach the pantyhose to the car.  Much wrapping and taping and yelling went on...
    And they're off! One to steer the broken car, the rest to ride in the other car and 'help' the driver.
We got going alright. And then  a funky noise.. and poof! The other car is waaaaaay back there. Apparently pantyhose are NOT that strong after all!
                                            Ahhhh-My trusty Leggs let me down!

      Stay tuned for more adventures!


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