Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marketing for Dummies

    We all know that with todays high tech gadgets and Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and so on- That marketing your name and your product have become more challenging. In this age of impersonal, never have to speak to your customers, digital society...The personal touch can make all the difference.
   I happen to be 'Old School'. I was brought up in a family of salesmen that all swore by the "Rules Of Three".~ Three seconds. Three feet. Three days. Three people.~
  I have personally used all these methods to my own advantage. I have also seen them draw a considerable amount of repeat business.
   Three Seconds- is all it takes to introduce yourself and get a plug in for you or your business. " Hi. I'm Katy and I run  Buffalo Gals Bakery & Country Store"
   Three Feet- Any who gets within three feet of you..introduce yourself. Take the opportunity to hand out a business card if you have one.
   Three Days- The absolute longest amount of time that should lapse after you tell someone you will call, and actually doing it. You should always make it a point to do call backs within three days. It conveys that you really are interested.
   Three People- the amount of people you should go out of your way to either introduce yourself to, or mention your product/business to each day.

   Using the Rules of Three makes great sense economically for marketing. It didn't cost you anything to implement! It keeps your name/products in peoples minds. It also builds trust and rapport in a way that an impersonal ad can never do.
   It's a great networking tool. Even if the initial contact does not want/use your product or service, that's an opportunity for you to ask them to pass your card  to, or refer you to someone they know who might
   In every situation there is an opportunity to apply at least one of the Rules of Three. The rules are simple, but effective.


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