Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fried Prairie Oysters

   Better know as Rocky Mountain Oysters...

Here is my very own recipe... It's pretty simple, really.....

     Find a bull. Talk to it nice and gentle. Gain it's trust. Do what you gotta do to the bull. Apologize and run like hell! Don't drop anything. Catch your breath.

    Remove the outer membrane covering the oysters. Cut each stone in two or three pieces, depending on the size.
    Do not laugh. You have already caused enough injury. Roll in flour. (Not you! The oysters)

    Heat olive oil or lard in skillet.
    Place oysters in skillet.

    Fry until meat is golden brown. Remove from skillet.
Drain off excess oil.
Feelin' Fancy? Garnish with bacon bits, chopped egg and parsley before serving.

   Eat fast. Keep a sharp eye out. Be ready to move at a moments notice.

Avoid using a red tablecloth.


Hands down the BEST place ever to get your RMO's is Bruces Bar in Severence CO!


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