Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What does being 'BuffaloGals' mean?

A heck-of-a-lot!
     So, what does it all mean?
     Being the Buffalo Gal in Buffalo Gals Bakery & Country Store is more than just being a business owner. It's more like being a community.
     My little bakery and country store is my way of helping support our family farm.  It means I can use my domestic and homesteading skills to stay on the land that I love.    We have cattle and grains. And it's a bit like being the Pied Piper for me. My 'girlz' are mostly tame and follow me around like very big dogs.
     Buffalo Gals means self-sufficiency, giving, hard work and more. It's thinking outside the box to find solutions. It's helping others. It's enjoying the land and little play time.
Bohemian Brew Bag
     When somebody buys a  Bohemian Brew Bag , it doesn't just mean that I got paid for something I created. It helps a whole lot of other people. Right off the bat I give a percentage to Dakota Prairie Partners~A philanthropy group. "Hope, Inspiration & Vision"  It also means that the incredible lady from MoJo Roast Inc is doing well, because I am able to get the Coffee Bags from her. In turn, her being able to empty the coffee bags of beans, means that her dollars (and yours by purchasing her coffees) are supporting the Cafe Feminino program which in turn empowers women in Guatemala to be self sufficient. 
    When somebody buys Old Glory sugar cookies they are helping me support our troops. The proceeds from these fabulous soft cookies goes to Wounded Warrior Project. This is important to me, as I have two boys who serve. (Marines and Nat'l Guard)
  I also give to the PBR's Rider Relief Fund....
    Through my business I have met incredibly wonderful people, and had some amazing opportunities come my way. Last year I was able to participate in OSU's "An evening of Art & Fashion" by donating a handmade quilt to the silent auction.  The monies raised were used to help  Deployed Service Women finish their educations long distance.   
   It seems like we are all connected to each other in some way. Through giving, mentoring, donating and more.
   I know many, many other small business owners that give tirelessly of their time and talents outside of their own businesses.
   We ARE part of a Community.  

So~ Thank you!  For supporting my community ...



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