Friday, June 1, 2012

I could be a very happy girl!



                                          Would make me a very happy girl!
      I need a commercial kitchen here at the farm. We have some ideas. Of course there is the tug of war of  Mine vs His. Hubby needs Vision. To be able to think outside the box. ~ Or barn, as the case may be.
    In my wildest dreams, my space would have a full Atomic Kitchen from the 50's. It would be bright, cheery, wildly colorful and comfy at the same time.
     Many years ago I visited an old man who was remodeling his kitchen in Flagler, Colorado. It was a complete Pale Pink Atomic Kitchen. Rounded counters, under the counter refrigeration, pull outs, over-under matching double ovens....Ohhhhhh myyyyyy. I was in heaven!
    I also about cried when he just 'junked' it to the pile. Poor Kit couldn't even begin to understand why I was so distraught!
      When we needed a new stove and fridge for the house, I headed to my favorite Antique store in Sacramento. (I was on vacation) There I found THE kitchen for me! I tried to reason with hubby. I could buy this 'whole' kitchen...working even...for the price of a new fridge. He wouldn't budge an inch. I'm still kicking myself in the shorts over that!
       I spent many hours next to Grammy's massive old stove in the kitchen in San Francisco. I recall it had a warming drawer and a place where you could hook up tubing for hot water. Grammy used to make my favorite round grilled cheese on it. She also heated her metal curling iron on it. (for the rare occasions I would sit still long enough...)
    Around 2003 hip magazines started touting the "Joys of Housework"  calling it 'theraputic', 'self-esteem building',  yes....even 'thrilling'.  Fiesta Ware and metal tumblers started making a comeback. And Martha rocketed to stardom!
       Funny, ain't it?
Where is this NOW?
Fun fact***** In the '50's Ladies Home Journal Art of Homemaking suggested that a ladies (house)dress should be "Wide enough for action, but not so wide that it will get in your way or make you trip on stairs or a ladder...."
                             Can you just see me now? Stop laughing already!
   But I digress...
In a nut shell, I want to bring some nostalgia to my little space. To be comfy and cozy. And have you want to come by, have a cup of coffee and a chat. I want to share my recipes with you and gardening tips.
    And speaking of...How about this recipe for Cheese Straws... A friends mom used to make these.
                (the paper it's on says it came from a Kraft Cheese box)
                             1/3 cup grated American Cheese
                             1 Tbs Butter
                             1 1/2 Tbs milk
                             4 Tbs Flour
                             1/2 c Bread Crumbs (seasoned to taste)
               Cream together cheese and butter. Add milk. In a small bowl combine flour and seasonings. Add to mixture. Knead lightly until smooth. Roll to pastry thickness. (about 1/4 inch) Cut into strips 6" x 3/4". Bake on greased cookie sheets in oven until browned.
           * these are good with soups and salads*
 I have the Vision. I WILL make it happen! (soon)


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