Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Down on the Farm

That would be THE FARM (with emphisis) as opposed to the Other Farm. We live on THE FARM, and the rest of our land is at the Other Farm.

        I have cows. They are trained. They all have names.
There's Barbie & Q, Rusty, Bubba, Wheezy, Teriyaki, You're next, ....

    We have a horse...Pricess Di. There were others over the years... Bambii the Amazing Albino Elk, Ebony (Black Irish-hahaha), Mini-Me...
Assorted other animals...Cats 'Faahhhsssaaaah' ( like Mufasa from the Lion King), Smokey, Wild Kitty and more.
The lone dog- Missy.  She is the only animal hubby named.

Rusty and crew
      Hubby says we have Catholic Cowz. I have a bunch of them trained to line up and stick their tounges out for Cheese It's. All in a row. He says it looks" COW-munion".
   My Girlz also know when Mama is in the garden and come running.. They are accustomed to hand outs over the fence when I weed.
   Bambii The Amazing Albino Elk was the favorite horse. We grew older together. When we moved back to ND, I brought her with. And what an ordeal that turned out to be! Up until that point Bambii and I had NEVER been anywhere that I couldn't ride her to.
Bambii the Amazing Albino Elk
  So, hubby bought a very used trailer AND hooked it to HIS pick-up. Now mind you, I had NEVER towed anything. Ever. (except for time we tried to tow the silver-bullet with duct tape and panyhose)
Bambii gets in. The lone goose gets in. The last chicken followed the goose. The dog tried to get in.
       A little bit like Noah's Ark
And we're off. Hubby got a CB radio for the truck. So he could yell at me every couple miles, I presume. In Nebraska it was WINDY & RAINY. And everytime a semi would pass the trailer would move. So I would slow down to a crawl. I was parinoid to say the least. Worried I would wreck and hurt my Bambii. And (a little less) worried I would do something to HIS truck. I was literally in tears on that ride. And when he tried to call me on the CB I was maybe blubbering a bit about my girl. In SD we stopped at a little Chinese joint for lunch. We parked towards the back of the parking lot. I let Bambii out and tied her up. In we go to eat. There was only one other customer the whole time we were there. In retrospect- I'm sure it must have looked pretty funny to have a horse tied up outside the backdoor!
   Eventually we made it here, to THE FARM. I could have kissed the ground. Bambii could have cared less.

That's it from here!

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