Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome to Buffalo Gals News

   Welcome to Buffalo Gals-
       I am Katy and I will be your 'Host' for these posts... We will have News, Recipes, Events, Gardening tips, Stories, Updates on our Bakery & Country Store and more.
    A little about us- We (my hubby & I) live on a farn in Central North Dakota. We have both cattle and crops. And I write the Restuarant/Food reviews and sometimes local History pieces for the Pairie Independant.
     Considered a 'Poor Man's Martha' (Stuart) by my friends, I have a nack for being able to bake, cook, grow, sew and make about anything I turn my hand to.  I learned to sew from my Grammy, garden from my Grandpa, Make cool stuff from my Mother and Mom-in-law. Cooking and Baking were self taught. I have a couple friends that could tell some very funny stories on my (bad) cooking skills when I was younger!
  I hope you find somthing that strikes your fancy within these pages!


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